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Issue 2


This Summer appears to be a busy one for Google. The beginning of June started with a Google Core Update and we're now in the middle of the Page Experience Update that'll last until the end of August.

You've worked hard to build your niche site and it's scary to know that search traffic is in Google's hands, and these algorithm updates happen with no warning or notice.

But there are ways to lessen the risk of your sites being negatively hit by Google updates.

The first step is to understand that the Google team is always working on new ways to improve the user experience by making it easier for people to find what they're looking for.

What we can do as niche site owners is to focus on things that we can control. Give your visitors a great user experience when they're browsing your site.

Keep your site's design simple and easy to navigate on mobile phones. Keep writing good content. Give users the information that they're looking for.

And most of all, keep learning. You're on this newsletter already, so that's a great step in educating yourself on how to improve your niche sites.

Remember, "overnight successes" are months and years in the making.



Wait...wasn't there a June Core Update? Yep, that was completed as of June 12, 2021. 4 days later...

The Google Page Experience update started to roll out on June 16, 2021. This is the update that's been talked about for the last year with Core Web Vitals and pagespeed at the center of it. Looks like it'll be awhile before it's finished rolling out by the end of August 2021.

Read their blog post to get the details on the page experience update.


John Mueller provides a rule of thumb for bad HTML and explains how spelling mistakes and poor grammar are quality issues



Niche Website Builders is now giving Niche Surfer readers discounts on their various services!

  • 10% more content on content subscriptions

  • 10% more content on content and website orders

  • 10% discount on link building services (one for subs and one for one-off)

I've used their services before and love working with them. I just ordered 100K words of content for a new project that I'm working on with a friend as well.

And if you haven't read it yet, here's my review of the Shotgun Skyscraper Link Building campaign I did with them.


WP Reset - Reset, recover, and repair your WordPress site. One of the most useful plugins that I use on all my sites. I have a couple Collections that will install Theme and Plugins onto new sites with one click. Also has saved me a number of times where I did something to crash sites. Easy to undo the changes made and restore the site to before the change.

WriterZen - Has keyword research and content optimization tools. Keyword research has clustering and bulk allintitle tools. Allintitle is a big one for all you KGR fans out there. Saves you so much time with the allintitle checks.

Radaar - Manage all your social media accounts on one platform. Schedule and publish posts, as well as having one inbox for all your messages.



How far have we come since the days of black hat link building schemes, and are there any lessons we can take from the past to inform where we go from here?

Interesting insights from 8 link building experts on just how important links are, where link builders should focus, and more.



Building or buying enough profitable niche and authority sites to create a passive income portfolio is a very profitable strategy. Which strategy is better?

In a guest post from Mushfiq of The Website Flip, he discusses the pros and cons for holding websites and selling websites. Mushfiq is a prolific buyer and builder of niche sites, and shares many case studies on his site and newsletter.

If you've been debating whether to sell or hold onto a niche site, this is a good read.

Redesigning or migrating your website is a huge undertaking. Protect your investment with this SEO checklist for website redesigns.

They cover things to do before migration, at launch, and post-launch. It's a handy list of items to check.


Authority Hackers' 7-step guide to making money with Amazon Associates.

It's a good step-by-step guide if you're just starting out and can also be a good refresher. There's a companion blog post that goes into more detail.


For those of you who create email and social media content for your niche sites, this is a good walkthrough of how The Social Media Queen herself, Rachel Pedersen, uses to create engaging posts months in advance.

Even if you don't use, there are a number of other AI content generation that's less expensive. They may not have the blog post generation quality of Conversion, but they're still good for social media and shorter content.

Some like Writesonic and Rytr are available with lifetime deals that I've seen have decent reviews in Facebook groups.



Search Engine Land's 2021 SEO Periodic Table. It's a handy table to see how various factors affect rankings.

FYI...You'll need to fill out a form to get the email with the download link. This is where it helps to have an email service like Paced Email to create burner emails. One of the best deals I've bought for $19.


Matt Diggity gives the steps that his team took to increase a site's organic traffic by focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Forming a content strategy that focuses on building topical authority, user intent and E-A-T.

  • Improving the site structure and implementing structured data.

  • Building authority with links


Let me know! Reply or email me at [email protected]. I’d love to know what you think and if you have any ideas.

I’d also appreciate it if you shared it with fellow niche surfers.

Have a great week with taking your niche sites to another level!

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