1 Year Anniversary Giveaway; Gov Backlinks; Indented SERPs; Landing Page SEO; ROI of SEO; High Earning Bloggers; and Much More!

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Happy Halloween! I can't hand you any chocolates, but I do have some treats!

It's time for Niche Surfer's 1-year anniversary giveaway!

As a big thank you for all the support the past year for Niche Surfer, I talked to a couple of founders of my favorite keyword research tools - TopicMojo and Keyword Chef.

They were happy to give away some awesome gifts to 11 lucky Niche Surfer subscribers!

  • 10 x TopicMojo Lifetime licenses (worth nearly $500)

  • 1 x Keyword Chef 10,000 keyword credits (worth $100)

TopicMojo is one of the best topic research tools out there. It's Answer the Public + BuzzSumo combined in one. 

Keyword Chef is the best low-competition keyword research tool out there. 

Both of them have made my topic and keyword research go much faster and more efficient.

Enter the giveaway now and take your topic and keyword research to the next level. Your odds of winning increase by sharing and referring people to the giveaway.

The giveaway ends on Monday, Nov. 8th at 11:59pm EST (UTC -5) and I'll announce the winners in two newsletters from now.

Spread the word and Good luck!


If you're looking for a free content optimizer, look no further than MarketMuse's plan. You get 35 queries per month to use on their 5 applications: Optimize, Research, Compete, Questions, and Connect.

If you don't have a content optimizer or even if you do, still worth it to check out MarketMuse since it's free.

Glorify - A Canva and Crello alternative. I use Glorify myself at times as it does some things better than Canva and Crello, like its background remover. It also has more access to icons and that's where I actually found the niche surfer logo. Here's a good video comparison of all 3 by SaaS Master.

LiveWebinar - A popular webinar and meeting platform. Seems like it's fully-featured. There's the ability to brand, simultaneous Q&A, share files, and have multiple chat groups.

WP Rocket - 20% Off until Nov. 2nd! Give your website a speed boost with this WP plugin.

VectorGrove - It was previously $29 for access to 2.1m images and graphics. There's now a free plan with access to 500K graphics. No reason not to get it!

uSchema - WP plugin to use and create schema for posts. Automate structured data markup for 800+ schema types including articles, recipes, products, and more.

I add schema using RankMath Pro, so you should check your plugins and see if any of them can also add schema.



Samuel Schmitt shows great examples in this Twitter thread on how to take advantage of the new indented SERPs. The What-How combo seems to be one way by targeting the same keyword with different search intent.


Viola Eva at Ahrefs takes a good look at landing pages to see how they are optimized for competitive keywords. Even though landing pages are to convert visitors into leads, they have many of the same elements of what a good blog post does for many niche sites.

She presents her how-to process to optimize landing pages for SEO by using Asana as her main example. But she also discusses Ahrefs, Wise, and Toggl.



Matthew Woodward shows 10 ways to build those powerful gov backlinks to help you increase your rankings and boost your organic search traffic. These are some of the ways he goes through to get a gov backlink:

  1. Comment On Government Blogs

  2. Write About A Government Agency

  3. Write About A Social Issue That Concerns A Government Agency (Or A Politician)

  4. Write About A Politician

  5. Interview A Government Agency Official



This is a good read of an article from Moz's SEO Manager, Kavi Kardos, in explaining how to calculate return on investment (ROI) from SEO expenses.

She discusses it from an ecommerce company and agency perspective, but it's also good relevant for niche sites that don't sell products. Think about what you're doing and your expenses. How can you calculate the ROI of your efforts?


Kyle Roof is one of the top SEOs out there and tests everything. He's always a good interview, so you'll want to watch this.

He also uses his content optimizer tool, POP, on Spencer's outdoor nice site. Good information in there too as Kyle analyzes posts and gives his tips.


A slow page load time can have a significant impact on your website visitors. In fact, according to Google, 53% of your visitors are likely to leave your site if your pages take more than 3 seconds to load.

JC Chouinard gives 10 reasons to use Cloudflare, here are some of them:

  1. It’s FREE.

  2. Pretty simple and intuitive setup

  3. Easy DNS management

  4. Your website is faster

  5. Your website is more secure

I've used the free Cloudflare before and didn't find it faster when paired with my Vultr High-Frequency VPS servers. Maybe it was because the plan was free since I've heard others on paid plans get faster speeds. One thing it does help with is DDOS attacks because Cloudflare acts as your buffer to them.

If you signed up with Ezoic, they have their own Cloudflare plan that you can utilize. That has helped speed up my sites.


Here are 12 top money making blogs killing it online. Discover who owns the blog, how much they earn, and how they are doing it. These are all large blogs with large teams, but they all started somewhere. Here are some fo the blogs they take a look at:

  1. Huff Post

  2. Timothy Sykes - Personal FInance

  3. Smart Blogger Jon Morrow

  4. Copy Blogger

  5. Moz

  6. Mashable

  7. Perez Hilton

  8. Tech Crunch


This is a good Income School video introducing affiliate sites and marketing from a high level. If you're just starting out with niche sites, this is a good broad strokes video that covers lots of beginner questions.


In this episode of AskGooglebot, John Mueller explains how URL length doesn’t affect ranking in search but how shorter URLs are preferred when indexing multiple copies of a page, canonicalization.



Nerdwallet is going public with a potential valuation of $5B (yes, billion)! It started in 2009 and one of the top personal finance sites out there. This is a good look at's numbers by Sistrix.

Keep working on those sites and build them out to be large authority sites.


Let me know! Reply or email me at [email protected]. I’d love to know what you think and if you have any ideas.

I’d also appreciate it if you shared it with fellow niche surfers.

Also, be sure to Whitelist [email protected] and/or drag the email to the Primary Inbox to make sure you don't miss the emails!

Have a great week with taking your niche sites to another level!

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